The royal light

We are an Organization that Help other individuals in the Following way:


  • We help them to think out of the Box.

  • To think about their and other’s future at the same time.

  • We teach them to work hard and keep the Performance to a Unique Level.

  • To Create Employment rather than Seeking Employment.

  • To connect with other businesses to partner with them.

  • We Develop a Website free of charge; hosting will the individual’s costs.

  • To Construct Business Plans.

  • Develop Unique Structures.

  • Management of HR and Staff.

  • Funding will be done by individuals who work for it through Fundraising Events.

  • Unique Ideas will be considered as Private Property to the Individual or Company itself.

  •  Business Coaching as an Advantage


We Care about you. We need you to Prosper and not Fail. 


What we do not do:


  • We do not - Give you funding, you work for it.
  • We do not - Tolerate Negativity.
  • We do not - Employ you, We uplift you.
  • We do not - Do everything, it is your Company, You do 95% of the work we do 5%.
  • We do not - Tolerate Striking of Personnel.


What we believe in: HAPCOLL


  • Hard Work              - Solid Hard work Will Reap Amazing Rewards.
  • Attitude                  - Positivity Mental Attitude is the key to Success.
  • Patients                  - Success does not come over night, it takes time to grow a willow Tree.
  • Create                    - Become your own boss and Create Jobs Rather than Searching for it.
  • Opportunity           - Offer Opportunities for Growth.
  • Lead                       - Leaders are People that lead With Example.
  • Legacy                    - Leave an Amazing Legacy.


Policies and Procedures:


  • You are your own boss, without your efforts nothing happens.

  • Work hard and never give up.

  • You are here to become a huge industry leader, NOT an Employee.

  • You are Independent, You do 95% of the Work for yourself, we give 5% help.

  • We train you for the better; it does not mean you do not have to do anything.

  • We do not Tolerate Negativity.

  • We do not Tolerate Striking of Personnel.

  • We take everything seriously, because it is our future we are working on.

  • We believe in Equality, Integrity, Self Control, Love, Passion, Hard work, Persistence, Respect.

  •   You do not spend your Time you Invest it.


<<< Benefits of this Organization >>>


<<< Early Retirement >>>

            (Measured by the individuals return of investment)



<<< Travel the World >>>

            (5 Years of Persistence/Performance Measure + Creation of Own assets and Personal Wealth)



<<< Company Car + Sell phone >>>

            (5 Years of Persistence/Performance Measure + Creation of Own assets and Personal Wealth)



<<< Being the Boss >>>

            (Being the Boss and working in Style)



<<< Have fun >>>

            (Is working in an environment you love not fun, well not fun enough. We have fun days and We make it fun             for all. After all you are here to enjoy live isn’t it)



<<< Active | Passive Income >>>

             (We believe in Passive Income. Difference: Active Income = actively working till death to get that Income. 

 Passive Income = you have Worked hard, but after some time whether you work or not you get that income from assets you have Created)




Areas where we want to Go and develop and achieve:

Education: We strive to create the best Education Available for the World.


  • Building Schools

  • Developing Education

  • Constructing Universities

  • Disability School Development

  • Universities Construction and Better Education Methods



Transport: We strive to be the Best Transporting Organization World Wide.


  • Better Railways

  • Faster Transport

  • Bus Lanes Creation and Development

  • Truck Systems Diversion to Railways



Safety: We strive to create the best safety systems in the world.


  • Anti Theft Systems

  • Anti Public Crime Intervention

  • Anti Corruption Systems Creation

  • Anti Murder Systems Creation

  • Overall Policing Systems Development

  • Fastest Republic Crime Fighting Units

  • Fire Arm Policies and Systems for Prevention of Crime


Power: We strive to be the Strongest Organization in the World.


  • Strongest Leading Organization
  • Power Above Government Progressions
  • Law Enforcement Objection For Justice
  • Individual Empowerment
  • Equality of Individuals
  • Leading Business Connections
  • World Wide Connections of All main Heads


Growth: We strive to grow consistently with 1,000 members every month.


  • Empowering Business Development
  • Establishment of Business Connection and Relations 
  • Innovating the World to join the Rebellion
  • Changing the World one City at a Time effecting Countries at a time
  • Developing a Huge Pool of Memberships to Express themselves to others
  • Maintaining the Empire of Every state.



We are the Future of the World.


"Your Future Matters to us"

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